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Provincetown’s shopping Mecca, Commercial Street, caters to the canine crowd with water bowls, fountains and dog biscuits offered by local business owners. Pet enthusiasts can find everything from day-to-day supplies to pet souvenirs, the latest in canine fashions and pet objets d’art. Canines can also have their likeness memorialized by a pet portraitist.

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Every fall, the Carrie A. Seamen Animal Shelter (CASAS) hosts Pet Appreciation Week, where visitors can participate in canines games and contests, a pet parade down Commercial Street, a dog T-dance at the Boatslip, and a blessing of the animals at St. Mary’s of the Harbor Episcopal Church. For more information, visit WWW.CASASANIMALSHELTER.ORG. For up-to-date news on other events visit the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce.


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